We Do That!

We Do That!

J. Stan McCauley dba Light Source Productions

– Strategic Video Communications Practitioner • Consultant

I provide professional services in the area of strategic video communications, Including:

Social Media TELEVISION • Event Documentation • Content Acquisition • Production • Editing • Distribution

Need Your Event Recorded? We Do That!

Video Production Workshops? We Do That!

Content Acquisition? We Do That!

Weddings? We Do That!

Full Scale Video Productions? We Do That!

Video Editing? We Do That!

Video Distribution? We Do That!

AccessTVNetwork.com a Social Media TELEVISION Network? Yes we definitely do that and we’re really good at it!!

Remember the five W‘s – It’s more than what you say.

It is why, when, where, and how you say what to who. . . and yes the five W‘s really do matter.

Let’s have a conversation and talk about how Strategic Video Communications using the world’s most powerful tool – Social Media TELEVISION – can help you and your enterprise.

My name is J. Stan McCauley and I am the Owner. Set up a free initial consultation today. Call 860-944-9797

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