About AccessTV.org

AccessTV.org is part of AccessTVNetwork.com, a Social Media Television Broadcasting Platform owned and operated by J. Stan McCauley dba Light Source Productions and proudly funded by J. Stan and Nyesha McCauley and our Broadcast Partners. Additional support is provided by subscribers, sponsors, and volunteers.

My wife and I have been creating community television programs for more than 30 years. We lead a dedicated group of producers, reporters, cameramen, and editors, who are committed to delivering programs that champion the diverse and under represented voices of urban communities in Connecticut.

Television production takes a lot of time, and it costs a lot of money. The best way to help support AccessTV.org is to simply place an advertisement on the network. AccessTV.org informs, educates, and empowers the community in more ways than one may think. If you truly appreciate our work, I want you to consider our annual advertising offer – The AccessTV.org Broadcast Partners Program.

Make us your source for news, entertainment, and information that effects Connecticut’s African American community. Our mission is to produce high quality public affairs type programming that delivers the information our viewers need to make informed choices.


A brief overview of Light Source Productions.
  1. Videography by J. Stan McCauley – A commercial production entity which focuses on:
    1. Event documentation for distributions via our Social Media Television Network,
    2. Corporate Training Videos,
    3. Television Commercials,
    4. Acquisition of municipal government meetings for distributions via Cable TV and our Social Media Television Network.
    5. Acquisition of B.O.E. meetings for distributions via Cable TV, and our Social Media Television Network.
    6. We also provide the following services:
      1. Production Planing
        1. Pre-Production
        2. Production
        3. Post-Production
      2. Strategic use of your video as a communications tool
      3. Creative Writing
      4. Video Production
      5. Editing
      6. Audio
  2. The Light Source Stage Company – A film and stage production entity.
    1. Film and Motion Picture Division
    2. Live Stage and Theater Division
  3. AccessTVNetwork.com – A Social Media Television Broadcasting Platform which networks the following assets:
    1. AccessTVNetwork.com
      1. AccessTV.org
      2.  Content Titles
        1. Light Source Victory Television
        2. W4-News; W4-Jazz; W4-Sports
        3. All About You
        4. We Sing
        5. Building Minds Together
        6. Make it Happen
        7. All Politics is Local
        8. Change Talk Wednesday
        9. Miss Cleo’s Storytelling Corner
        10. The Challenge
        11. Face to Face
        12. Chat it Up
        13. The Senate Report
        14. Candid Conversations
        15. Civic Beat
        16. The Black Business Alliance
      3. facebook.com/AccessTV.org
      4. CTBNN.com
        1. facebook.com/W4news
      5. 1Hartford.com
        1. facebook.com/1Hartford
      6. HPATV5.com
        1. LIVE Stream
      7. HPATV5.org
        1. UStream 
      8. YouTube Channels
        1. MrJStan7
        2. AccessTVorg
      9. Twitter
      10. LinkedIn
      11. Instagram
      12. Pintrest

Social Media Is The New Normal!

Not too long ago television was furniture and your TV set was chained to the wall by a cable. Television has changed! The cell phone has become the number one source for television based entertainment and information. It’s TV in the palm of your hand. It’s no longer a cell phone, it’s a hand-held digital information portal. Call it what you will, it is how people get their information, stay informed, and make critical decisions.

We’re not new kids on this block!

Collectively my wife and I have been associated with Community Television for more than 35 years. Our answer to this wonderful information revolution is AccessTVNetwork.com, a privately funded grassroots television network designed to entertain and inform. We’re a social media television network with the personal touch of an owner operated business, and the global reach of an international corporation.

What’s on the Network?

AccessTV.org has an exciting channel line up that includes an events calendar, ministries, social commentary, local news, education, entertainment, culture, the arts, health, business and much more. We’re even contracted to cover the Hartford Board of Education’s meetings and we cover many of the Hartford City Council Meetings as a public service.

Who pays for the productions?

J. Stan McCauley dba Light Source Productions underwrites the full production costs of the programs which are created by passionate producers who volunteer their time. These dedicated individuals spend countless hours producing quality programming that heretofore only network television could deliver. We give each producer total control over show content and the guests that appear on the shows they produce and host.

Where do I watch your programs?

Watch our programs at AccessTV.org, hangout with us on Google+ or become one of our friends on Facebook. Every program is also available on YouTube at MrJStan7. Of course the best way to watch is to just add AccessTV.org to the Home Screen of your phone or digital device.

Want to produce a show?

While it is not easy to get a show on the Network, you will never know if you don’t try! The nature of media is that there is a never ending need for new content. If you are interested in pitching an idea for a new show you should contact me directly at 914-ACCESS1 that is (914) 222-3771. Ask for J. Stan McCauley, I am the Owner of Light Source Productions & Chief of Operations for AccessTVNetwork.com.