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Live Network Programs   LIVE  Live Programming Various Producers

W4 News   W4-News  News J. Stan McCauley

Board of Ed Meetings & Ed Programs  Board of Ed  Focus on Hartford Schools J. Stan McCauley

Government Programming   CITY HALL  Focus on Hartford Municipal Gov J. Stan McCauley

AccessTV The Vote  CH-1  On the Campaign Trail with Hartford’s 2015 Candidates J. Stan McCauley

All About You   CH-2  Biography – Current Affairs – News Jonathan Small

Candid Conversations w Darrell Fitzgerald  CH-3  Public Affairs Darrell Fitzgerald

Building Minds Forever  CH-4  Youth, Education, and Urban Affairs Brandon M. Frame

For The Greater Good w Evelyn Richardson  CH-5  Community Organization Outcomes Evelyn R. Richardson

The Challenge w Brian Johnson   CH-6  Public Affairs Brian Johnson

The Challenge w McKenzie Seldon  CH-6  Public Affairs McKenzie Seldon

The Challenge w Russell Williams   CH-6  Public Affairs Russell Williams

The Lady Flava TV Show with Tena Williams  CH-7  Relationships, Entertainment, Talk Tena Williams

All Politics is Local   CH-8  Political News rJo Winch

Politically Speaking with J.R. Romano   CH-8  Political News JR Romano

Make it Happen w Pamela Wright   CH-9  News/Politics Pamela Wright

The 8 Minute Bible Study   CH-10  Religious J. Stan McCauley

Miss Cleo’s Story Telling Corner   CH-11  Books and Reading Cleo Duke-Wright

Then and Now w James Amann   CH-12  Public Affairs/Political James Amann

The Senate Report w Sen. Eric Coleman   CH-12  Public Affairs/Political George Milner and Eric Coleman

Face to FACE w Jonathan Small   CH-12  Public Affairs/NewsJonathan Small

Current Invective w Stephen Fournier   CH-12  Political Commentary Stephen Fournier

Local Election Coverage   CH-13  Local Election Coverage J. Stan McCauley

We Sing!   CH-14  Gospel Music Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis

Everything is Health  CH-15  Health Dr. Helen Newton

The C-BRAC Report   CH-16  Conservative Political Views Regina Roundtree 

Grassroots Business Journal  CH-17  Business Affairs Paul Wilusz

OPEN    CH-18

Lorna’s Corner   CH-19  Noteworthy Social Events Lorna Little


OEG’s UnScripted w Reese & Grace  CH-21  Entertainment Reese Clark & Grace Clark

OPEN   CH-22 

Shaping the Next Generation   CH-23  Community Development Lee Hunt

Municipal News  CH-24  Municipal  News

Amateur Boxing   CH-25  Boxing from Hartford Connecticut J. Stan McCauley

Achieve Hartford  CH-26  Education Advocacy   Nyesha McCauley

The Face of Sickle Cell  CH-27  The Impact of Sickle Cell DiseaseVirginia Pertillar

Saint Augustine’s University  CH-28  Media Student 1st Time TV Projects Natalie Bullock Brown

OPEN    CH-29

OPEN    CH-30

Mega Education  Education Advocacy Samuel Vega

Original Motion Picture LSSC  MOVIES Drama J. Stan McCauley

Specials  Programming of High Importance  J. Stan McCauley